Tuo Edisni (The Caktak March)

For concert band

Let's be honest - marches are a chore for tuba and horn players. Until the dogfight, the part is predictable - usually you can give a tubist the key and they don't even need the sheet music. Tuo Edisni comes from my desire to turn the march on its ear, and launched the march series "Marches for the Preferably Deaf."

The name Tuo Edisni tells you exactly what happens in the song: halfway through, the piece makes a 180° turn and is played backward (Tuo Edisni <--> Inside Out). One lucky percussionist announces this to the audience as they walk forward to play the under-utilized slide whistle, then walks backward to unplay their part. The downbeats become offbeats, the melody becomes the ydolem, and chaos ensues. Tuo Edisni (The Caktak March) was premiered by the Symphonic Wind Ensemble at Doane College on October 8th, 2006.